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Every year, thousands of families struggle to find suitable nursing homes for their loved ones with memory care needs. Although the number of assisted living facilities has increased tremendously in recent years, there’s still a shortage of centers providing adequate care for seniors living with dementia. In many senior communities, memory care is offered within small, confined spaces, with the residents barely able to live their best lives. To ensure your loved one receives quality care, it’s advisable to avoid these kinds of facilities.

At Maggie’s Place, we provide premier memory care in Overland Park for seniors. As a dedicated center for residents living with dementia, we deliver the specialized care and support required in the finest memory care setting.

Maggie's Place is Widely Known as One of the Best Memory Care Places in KC, KS. This is Our Inspiration to Always Provide the Leading Memory Care Services in Overland Park

In 1973, Maggie Jensen’s family was one of the thousands looking for suitable nursing homes for their loved ones. After spending over 39 years caring for people in two hotels and renting out space in her Iowa home, Maggie moved into a nursing home that was converted from an old house.

However, the facility couldn’t provide the quality of care Maggie needed, and that inspired her family to build better, modern communities for older adults throughout the Midwest. Maggie’s Place is one of these communities.

Besides the inspiration we get from Maggie’s experience, we’ve also cared for our elderly loved ones. We are, therefore, aware of what aging adults who have dementia undergo and the ideal care practices needed to make sure they live comfortably.

Early diagnosis, proper care, and long-term support are necessary to improve the quality of life of people living with dementia. But many of the estimated 6 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s don’t receive the specialized memory care they deserve. A majority of seniors with memory issues are under the care of untrained relatives or friends. This increases the burden of the condition on the older adult and those caring for them.

Our Guest-Friendly Facility

Together with their loved ones, some seniors decide to receive dementia care during the early stages before their symptoms advance. For those who remain at home, one of the main reasons for doing so is the lack of friendly top-rated memory care centers in KC.

Many facilities focus on isolating guests with dementia and forget that they, too, are residents who need to live in comfort. Besides not having essential amenities and facilities, many memory care centers fail to provide their guests with social, emotional, and psychological support. Worse, others discriminate against residents based on their race, age, and more.

At our Kansas City memory care facility, our inspiration to provide second to none care stems from the fact that we’re genuinely concerned about our residents' well-being, their background, notwithstanding. We run the best KC memory care clinic with a home-like environment, where every resident feels welcome, loved, and relaxed.

Get Your Senior Loved One the Support and Care they Need

Every senior deserves to live in the best memory care facilities in KC, KS, despite the condition they're battling, where all their needs are met. Inspired by Maggie’s experience, we’re dedicated to making sure every resident at our facility receives unexcelled memory care in Overland Park. Contact or visit Maggie’s Place at Colonial Village; Phone: (913) 318-1880. Blog:

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