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Inpatient Addiction Treatment Anaheim

The journey to overcoming addiction is often fraught with challenges; however, making one bold step at a time can lead to a lasting change. People struggling with substance abuse can find help in rehab centers with appropriate resources. Support at our treatment center comes in the form of a safe environment, therapies and treatments, 24/7 medical support, and aftercare.

At Star Recovery Centers, we pride ourselves in providing first-class addiction treatment for people with drug and alcohol problems in Anaheim, California, and beyond. Our inpatient addiction treatment in Anaheim is unique in many ways as it provides luxurious inpatient treatment, a welcoming recovery setting, personalized care, professional support, and delicious, healthy meals.

What it’s Like in Our Addiction Facility

Our upscale rehab in Orange County, CA, is gender-specific. It provides a men’s only program that includes drug detox and comprehensive residential inpatient treatment to ensure long term recovery. In our treatment facility, you will learn about addiction, strategies to break the addictive cycle, and establishing healthy boundaries. Treatment options available at our rehabilitation centers in Anaheim include inpatient care, an outpatient partner program, a 12-Step program, detoxification, and a second to none treatment protocol.

  • Detoxification

Detox is the first and critical step in addiction recovery as it focuses on eliminating toxins found in the body. Withdrawal from the substance of use requires medical supervision to manage or prevent the side effects, some of which can be life-threatening. As one of the premier Anaheim CA drug and alcohol rehabs, we will ensure you are as comfortable as possible and keep you safe throughout the detoxification process.

  • Residential Inpatient Care

Our residential inpatient facility in Orange County, CA, operates around the clock for support, care, accountability. It makes it easy for you to escape the negative environment that is hindering you from achieving full recovery. Men admitted in our program enjoy individualized and professional care that supports lifelong recovery from addiction. Our addiction treatment in Anaheim involves the use of both modern and evidence-backed traditional therapies.

  • Outpatient Program

Outpatient care is a crucial part of our treatment programs. It is a step down from inpatient treatment, yet essential in your recovery journey. This treatment option is highly recommended for people with life commitments such as work, family, and school. Individuals with less severe addictions and a strong support network will also find outpatient treatment less disruptive to their daily engagements. We have a co-ed treatment program supporting men and women. Our non-gender specific addiction treatment center in Anaheim is operated courtesy of Star Recovery Center in Orange County.

Overcome Addiction with the help of Our Anaheim Rehab

Addiction treatment has moved closer to you. Our inpatient addiction treatment in Anaheim is committed to helping you stop drug use and lead a productive life. The other unique thing about Anaheim drug and alcohol rehabs is the opportunity to speak directly with someone with similar life experiences. Contact Star Recovery Centers today to speak with an addiction treatment specialist and get the help you need before it’s too late: Call us at 1-855-205-4380.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Anaheim