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Intervention Austin

Drug addiction is something that can impact any family at any time. There have been thousands of people across the United States losing their battle with addiction each year. If you find that you are dealing with the impact of drug or alcohol abuse in your family, you may be considering your options for staging an intervention in Austin. But, where do you begin?

Why Stage an Intervention? 

During an intervention, family and friends have the ability to sit down and talk with the loved one/addict in their life about wishing they would get help. An intervention can be useful for those dealing with drugs, alcohol, depression, and other conditions. No matter the reason bringing you to such planning, you will see that it is helpful for you to use the following tips:

  1. Think About the Group – the members you choose to be part of the intervention group should be selected after careful consideration. Having the wrong person involved brings the potential of throwing off the whole plan. You will be dealing with emotional and vulnerable people, so everyone involved should have mutual respect and understanding.
  2. Select the Best Time and Location – it is important that you know there is never such a perfect time to host an intervention. This will always be a highly emotional and difficult conversation to have. However, there might be a better time, making sure that you try to avoid joyous events or family gatherings. Take the subject individual into consideration to determine the right time to act.
  3. Set Up a Rehearsal – the place and the players will matter, so the culmination of the entire intervention is critical. You never want to have any inflammatory rhetoric or anything that happens that may cause your loved one to shut down. Have all participants jot down what they may want to say and practice reading to the group to give constructive criticism and feedback.
  4. Formulating a Goal/Follow-Up – successful interventions will allow all participants to have closure of some sort. The group will have goals when going into the meeting, and everyone will hopefully meet them. The common goal should always be having the addict agree to get help, but there could also be room for follow-up planning to ensure that your loved one can get continuing support. 

There may not be such a thing as a perfect plan for intervention in Austin, but following some of the tips listed will surely help. Having an addict in your life that you love and care for can be a stressful and scary situation, so taking the time to develop an intervention plan is always a step in the right direction. 

Do you have a loved one who is addicted, and you are looking to plan an intervention in Austin? We are here to help with quality addiction services here at Quantum Recovery. You and your loved ones are not alone in recovery, and we would love to be the backbone of support that you need to get started. Call us today at (512) 829-6092 to learn more about staging an intervention.

Intervention Austin